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OnDeckProspects is a community driven source of minor league prospect grades and scouting reports. The collective knowledge of each team's fans often results in superior assessment of the prospects within that team's farm system. ODP leverages the quantity of grades to report a full spectrum of ratings as well as the quality of user's feedback on each prospect by displaying the top voted input in the most visible section of each prospect's page.

The minor league baseball community is an extremely influential part of baseball as we know it. Ever since Bill James began independently publishing his observations in the 1970s, fans around the country began following the development of baseball prospects and sharing their feedback with other enthusiasts. Many of these fans have never thrown a pitch in their lives but are drawn to the strategies of the game of baseball and now, continue to make an impact in shaping the way the game is viewed and analyzed. Many of the advanced metric systems that major league baseball employs today originated from the common fan's observation and assessment. OnDeckProspects serves to continue this trend by offering a platform for the baseball enthusiast to share and contribute their knowledge.