Mundo Lingo NYC

Mundo Lingo is a language exchange event operating in 12 countries and 16 cities worldwide. The events bring together language learners, language enthusiasts as well as travelers and locals looking to make friends. The New York City branch was launched in September of 2016 and currently takes place at Habanero Blues bar and restaurant every Tuesday evening in midtown Manhattan. You can learn more about the organization at and join the NYC group for future events on Facebook.


Asian Entertainment Network

Even as Asian food, culture and entertainment become introduced to more and more people in the United States, we still see a surprisingly low ratio of Asian faces on TV, film and advertisements. While it is easy to point fingers at the casting directors and producers for their discrimination and white washing of Asian characters, we have to keep in mind that a lot of decisions are made based off financial factors. Budgets are often dependent on the star power that is cast and with such few Asians having widespread recognition in the U.S., the industry is left in a cycle where Asians are rarely given a chance to gain that recognition. More importantly, a low turnout at the box office or poor network ratings would lead to heavy repercussions for the directors and producers making their decisions.

The problem lies in the majority of Americans not being used to seeing an Asian in lead roles. If more American consumers become acquainted to and subsequently receptive to Asian faces and personalities, then more projects featuring Asians will be supported on TV, in theaters and in ad campaigns. This will lead to more producers and directors willing to take chances with casting Asian leads. Asian Entertainment Network aims to bring together those who work in this industry, from the entertainers to the behind the scenes crew as well as the media and advertisers interested in reaching Asian Americans. Contact us for more information on how you can receive an invitation and participate in our future events.  


Global Startups

The Global Startups meetup is a networking event for serious entrepreneurs who are considering taking their startups to a foreign country. The United States has been leading the Silicon valley boom for the past decade and the waves of change has begun hitting the shores of other continents. As geographic locations such as Asia, Europe & Latin America have primed their conditions for emerging businesses, there is a real opportunity for entrepreneurs to serve these growing markets. As we continue to move towards a globally dependent civilization, we also have the option of not being tied down to a single location for our careers. Come join the discussion if you are interested in building a company and exploring a new culture.


Asian Social Group

As the Asian population continues to grow rapidly in America and Asian graduates contribute to the work force in the United States, we still see a under representation of Asians in leadership and management positions. Perhaps one of the fundamental causes of this is the lack of a community that innovative and ambitious Asian entrepreneurs can reach out to for support. In a society where successful leaders often give back to a group they strongly identify with, young Asian Americans are often overlooked and left without resources when they break out of the traditional path that were set by their parents. The Asian Social Group is not only a community for Asian professionals to connect with each other, it is an organization intended to help members enjoy the company of like minded people.